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IMP is India’s First Social Networking Music Streaming Platform that Solely is meant for Independent artists to collaborate, enhance their skills and promote their music to a community that is hungry for Independent Music.

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The Platform hosts a community that brings the professionals and Enthusiasts together to spread a shared a passion of making Music and Learning from one another.

If you are an indie Musician wanting to be around a circle that shares your passion and pain, or an enthusiast looking for Underrated Music, Music that you could not find because of the Commercial Noise, We proudly present to you IMP.


When a group of likeminded individuals meet, they almost always hit it off by sharing their experiences and stories. An Independent Artist Community already exists in every nook and corner of the world, who want to spread their revolution and burning desires through their music. IMP is simply giving all of these trailblazers a digital room to do the same.


To Build the Biggest Independent Artist Community thriving on Passion afar and free from dependency on Film Music, and to streamline the Indie Community by providing a digital space for the fast-evolving culture and acceptance of Independent Music.

IMP3 – A Free Straeming Platform

A Library of Original tracks from the Local Artists of IMP bound by no strings that can be listened through an AD-Free Steaming platform. The Library is Segregated Genre wise for you to Vibe on based on the Mood you are in. Through IMP3, you can add songs to your personal Playlist as well. The whole reason the streaming platform is free is to truly help artists improve their reach and give users some quality music.

Knowledge Centre

A Curated Curriculum that covers a vast domain of Subjects, subjects that are important to current trends and that are needed to be excelled at as an Artist such as Music Marketing, Sound Designing, Mixing and Mastering, etc. We intend to make IMP a One Stop Solution for the main needs of any Label-less Artist who is hungry to grow.

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